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In1921, André Garbarini, André Garbarini, engineer of the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricite, created a workshop whose manufacture is concerned with gas parabolic radiators and refrigerators for boats.

André Garbarini has developed a submarine arc projector whose great success culminated in the signing of the Golden Book by the British Admiralty.

In 1929, he created the first electric flashing light, whose application is planned for the railways and the services of cities.

In the early 1930s, the company began to build signaling equipment, and developed markup for level crossings equipped with cataphots.

1935 celebrated the development of the first traffic crossroad controller, commissioned the following year. Consequently, the company’s activity is exclusively devoted to light, urban and road signs.

In 1958, André Garbarini died, his wife took over the management of the company.

In 1996, Garbarini joined the FAYAT group. Considered a leader in the French market, Garbarini strengthens its presence on international markets.

Garbarini will be renamed as FARECO (for “FAyat Régulation COntrôle“),

In December 2007, with the integration of SIAT, FARECO acquired a complementary expertise in the field of road data collection.

In 2008, Fareco took a new turn with a new business, automated enforcement placing the company among the national leaders in this field.

A new axis of diversification of our businesses is taking place since the end of 2014 around the intelligent city (“smart city”) with new connected products.

Since 2015 FARECO offers a range of public lighting products connected.

The acquisition in 2016 of MULTITOLL allows FARECO to add to its road offer, toll system solutions and connected urban products, electronic vehicle identification systems.

FARECO is a SAS with a capital of € 1,288,000, belonging to the FAYAT group.

FAYAT, an independent family group headquartered in Bordeaux, with more than 20,000 employees across 138 subsidiaries and operating in 120 countries. He works in the fields of public works, building, metal construction, the road equipment industry, boiler making, and energy networks.

FARECO is the industrial component of the FAYAT ENERGIES SERVICES division.

Who are we ?

FARECO is made up of a commercial and technical proximity network, dynamic and listening to you. The pledge of our daily and passionate involvement:

A strong history in traffic regulation for several decades.

Imagine a team at your service, listening to your expectations and concerned about your constraints.

We are committed to customer satisfaction.

Our skills combined with modern and efficient means allow us to support you in the realization of your projects.

Our Commitments

The social and societal responsibility of the company is reflected first and foremost at the level of human resources through the use of disabled workers, the integration of employees from disadvantaged backgrounds and cultural diversity. We promote the integration of female staff without pay differentials. In our recruitment, we ensure that we do not discriminate against any criterion of cultural or social origin, gender, age. We are engaged in a generation contract with ambitious objectives, enabling the transmission of the knowledge of seniors, with the integration of young people, through internships, apprenticeships, and hiring on permanent contracts.

We have selected materials whose durability and recyclability is assured.

Our suppliers and subcontractors are mainly in the vicinity in order to limit the logistical flows and therefore the CO² emissions.

The carbon footprint of our products is under control.

We respect the recycling of our waste (WEEE, papers, etc.).

In constant technological watch, we make every effort to improve our products.

A dynamic R&D team made up of engineers specialized in their field works on the evolution of products and innovation in order to satisfy the needs of our customers and be able to propose the solutions of tomorrow.